The Best States to Own an Electric Car

The Best States to Own an Electric Car

Four States That Rise Above the Rest When It Comes to EV Purchase & Infrastructure Incentives

Electric vehicles are quickly growing in popularity, and many states around the country are actively encouraging residents to purchase electric vehicles. Many buyers are purchasing electric vehicles after learning about the generous incentives that their states offer as well as the advantages to the environment. If you own an electric vehicle, or you’re considering making a purchase soon, below are the best states to buy and live with an electric vehicles. Each one has something special to offer buyers looking at EVs.


California is well-known as one of the very best states in which to own an electric car. Not only does the state provide generous tax breaks and incentives for car buyers to purchase electric vehicles, but there are charging stations in most towns and cities across the state. There are even special free charging spots in parking garages in the city of Sacramento, making it cheaper to drive around in an EV within the city. It’s highly convenient driving with an electric car there thanks to HOV lane-access that make traveling faster and easier to do. Below is a breakdown of some of the most common programs that California has in place for EV buyers currently.

best states to buy an EV

Plugging in is easier and cheaper in some states

Low-income citizens in California can get money off a battery electric vehicle (BEV), a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) or an electric motorcycle. Varying rebates are available from the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project from $5,000 for fuel cell vehicles, to as little as $900 for electric motorcycles with electric cars falling in the middle of that number. Apply for the rebate within 18 months of purchasing a qualifying vehicle before funds are used up (the fund is typically replenished at each budget cycle in the fall).

There’s another rebate in place for residents of the South Coast Air Quality Management District offering between $2,500 and $4,500 for retiring an old vehicle amd replacing it with a low-emission model, including an electric vehicle. Residents that live in a “disadvantaged” community (according to state’s screening program) can get an additional $3,000 to $5,000 when retiring that old vehicle as well.

Not everyone will qualify for all the programs being offered in California, but many EV buyers can cut their costs significantly. And one state legislator has proposed an even more generous incentive program. 

New York

New York is a very EV-friendly state that offers plenty of perks to buyers that decide to go with plug-in or full-electric vehicles. The Drive Clean Rebate that kicked in on April 1, 2017, offers up to $2,000 toward the purchase of a PHEV or a BEV, making both vehicles more affordable. There’s also a special charging point rebate that offers up to $5,000 in rebates or 50 percent of the installation cost at qualifying locations. Insurance companies within the state are well-known for offering EV discounts to drivers. There is special plug-in vehicle parking at commercial buildings around the state, and EVs are eligible to drive in the HOV lanes on Staten Island for more convenient travel.


Colorado offers the best incentives in the country for electric vehicle owners. There are tax credits in Colorado of up to $5,000 available to car buyers that pick up an electric car and $2,500 available to people that decide to lease an EV There are also special grants available to help property owners install Level 2 chargers on their property that cover up to 80 percent of the cost of these units with rebates up to $3,260 for a single port and $6,260 for a multi-port installation. Property owners interested in Level 3 fast-charge technology can get up to $13,000 for a single-port charging station and up to $16,000 for a multi-port charging location. Colorado encourages a charging infrastructure and it’s easy to find chargers in most cities around the state.

Best States to Own an EV

Some states make buying an EV easier


Texas is another state that’s a well-known advocate of electric vehicles. Austin Energy, one of the larger power companies in the state, offers to pay up to $1,500 towards the cost of a charging station or half the cost of the charging station, whichever is the lower amount. EV buyers can also take advantage of $3,500 in purchase vouchers that make the vehicles considerably more affordable to purchase. It’s important to note that there are vehicle, income and location requirements to benefit from this rebate program.

It pays to own an electric vehicle in one of the states above, and more states around the country are implementing programs that favor electric vehicles and help encourage owners to pick them up.

The Advantages of Buying an Electric Car

The Advantages of Buying an Electric Car

Tallying Up Why Going Electric Makes Sense

Owning an electric car (EV) can be an excellent way to have a few advantages in life that drivers of liquid-fuel based cars will not have. First, a car with an electric motor does not use gasoline and they are much cleaner for the environment but the best things about these cars are the money saving options that people have when they own one. Some of the ways that electric cars save money may be obvious but there are some that a great deal of the public may be unaware of.

Tax Credits and Sales Tax

electric car advantages, tax incentives

Get money to go green

Did you know that by owning an EV, the government will offer tax credits? That’s right, and these credits are not small at all. They can range from $100 all the way up to nearly $8000 in credits for electric cars. Many states will also offer rebates on taxes for people that decide to go all electric. This started as an incentive for buyers because electric cars were introduced at higher costs than their gasoline counterparts were and the rebates helped consumers to balance the cost while keeping the environment cleaner. It is also great to not have to pay sales tax on gasoline and many states even offer electric cars with zero sales tax. Now that, is an incentive worth checking out. Here’s a spot to check out the latest on the incentive front (which tend to change frequently).

Gasoline and Other Things

electric car advantages, no gas station visits

These things too you shall pass

It is a given that an EV owner will no longer need to spend money on gasoline for his or her car, but there are quite a few other things that come along with saving on the cost of gas. In the last 20 years the cost of gasoline has risen more than 100% and, while the cost of electricity has also risen, it is still less expensive to charge an electric car than it would be to fill up a gas tank on one. Another great thing about saving at the pump is the cost of drinks, snacks and other things that people tend to buy when they stop for fuel. Think of it this way, that soda or bag of chips bought at the gas station add up quickly if you commute a lot and have to stop for fuel several times weekly. On average, a person will spend around $1600 annually to fill up a car weekly with gasoline. With an electric car you will have no more fuel cost for gasoline, but you may expect your electric bill to rise to an extra $500 or $600 for electricity for charging if you charge at home. Many people are fortunate enough to be able to charge while at work for no cost at all, and if your office offers this, be sure to take full advantage of that cost saving perk. Even without a free charge amenity at work, an electric car can still possibly save you $500 or more annually when you no longer have to purchase gasoline.

Oil Changes

It is a given but when one owns an electric car, they no longer need to have their oil changed nor will they need repair work done for leaky radiators, plugs and wires, timing belts and many other things that are typical in gasoline powered vehicles. What could be better than not having to sit in the waiting room at the local dealership or fast lube place waiting to have your oil changed? Whether that wait is a mere 15 minutes or even several hours, most people would rather find more productive, or even entertaining ways to spend their time.

electric car advantages, no oil changes

A less fluid life

As you can see, owning an electric car has many advantages on top of keeping the air clean and ensuring a brighter future for mankind. Thinking of buying one for yourself? EV’s are a great investment for the environment as well as your finances and while many must be professionally shipped across the country because they may not be available in all sales markets, they truly are a great way to get around town or even across the country when you need to take a long trip and want to be able to save money on fuel costs. If you do purchase an electric car that is not available in the local market, it is advisable to have the car serviced by a service center for your brand vehicle.

Companies such as Tesla, for instance, offer numerous service centers and will even provide a loaner car while your car is being serviced. Tesla, as well as most manufacturers, recommend that an electric car be serviced at 1 year or 12,500 miles, 2 years or 25,000 miles and each additional year after. For individual companies, it is best to inquire about service before making the purchase so you will know what your alternatives for servicing may be. On top of everything, electric cars are fun to drive and guaranteed to spark conversations with friends and garner attention during a drive.