Presentations about the Future of Transportation

Save Gas, Save the Planet

Now that your home is more sustainable, it’s time to take on your car. In this presentation, John Addison shares how people ride clean, ride together, and ride less. It’s not all or nothing. You have more choices than you think in fuel efficient vehicles, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles. Understand how Americans are driving fewer miles each month due to demographic shifts, flexwork, employer commute programs, public transportation, and high-speed rail. People are being  rewarded with a smaller carbon footprint, saving thousands of dollars, and having more time to enjoy life.

Ride Cleaner. Be Cooler. Save the Planet

John Addison made this presentation at the University of California San Diego.  Slides include vehicles with lowest greenhouse gases, electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, fuel cell vehicles, biofuels, and ways that people are adjusting their work and play to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Future of Vehicles and Renewable Fuels

John Addison made this presentation at the FRA Renewable Energy Investor Conference. Included are auto maker plans for new electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Also included is a phased implementation of vehicle to grid. The presentation details the issues in becoming a dominate fuel platform. Currently the winners are gasoline and diesel. Will the #3 slot go to hydrogen, electricity, or biofuels? Will one of these eventually be #1?

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About Author: John Addison

Founder of the Clean Fleet Report, author of Save Gas, Save the Planet. John writes about electric cars, renewable energy, and sustainability.