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Make Your Aging Green Car Like New

The dilemma is this—you’ve got your Prius from a few years ago. Okay, let’s be honest—from the time before they thought anyone buying a super efficient environmentally friendly vehicle would want a leather interior. That’s from the days when the “environmental car” market was thought to be monolithic and comprised of treehuggers willing to sacrifice everything in their quest to minimize their automotive impact on the earth. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

new Katzin interior

Katzkin’s leather was a near-perfect fit

Those days are over and, thankfully, environmentally friendly vehicles of all shapes and sizes are available and selling to millions. But you may remain with your non-leather Prius (or other early model). You love the car and what it means for your environmental footprint. You know the longer you drive it, the more you minimize that footprint. So, you may be faced with the choice I had in my 2010 Nissan Rogue (one of the early crossovers on the cusp of joining the 30 mpg and club).

You could invest a serious amount of cash or credit in a new state-of-the-art machine or you could upgrade your perfectly acceptable vehicle to extend its usefulness and continue to reduce your environmental footprint. It’s not just a dollars and cents decision, but one caught up in personal values and finances.

An Inside Job

So, once you’ve sorted through your personal agenda, here’s an option to put on the table. Upgrade your pedestrian factory fabric with a Katzkin leather interior. It’s a rewarding option that I can

new Katzin interior

Looking (and feeling) like a whole new car

testify from personal experience (and from comments of friends recently in the car) is akin to getting a new vehicle.

Katzkin presents an overwhelming number of choices when it comes time for your upgrade. They will present you with more than a hundred different designs and

Old Rogue seats

This was what had to go

combinations so you can tailor your interior to your style and lifestyle. In addition, they’ll help you with the design or you can freelance it yourself.

Choices Are Just the Beginning

Color choices go from basics like black or red to exotics like bayou (a camo look), carbon crimson or Outlaw Brown (also available in Outlaw Black, Saddle or Clay depending what type of outlaw you might be.

new Katzin interior

A Coach magician at work

The magicians at Coach Automotive Restyling of Union City (in the San Francisco Bay Area) did a quick turn-around on the job, pulling out the old seats and stripping the worn materials, fitting on the Katzkin leather with a combination of experience, elbow grease and a little steam. The also dropped in a little welcome surprise during a cold winter–heated seats integrated into the new leather.

The bottom line is a redone interior of Katzkin leather can really give you a new car and/or extend the life of your car, garnering you points for environmental stewardship—and giving you a cool ride.

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