It has been an amazing ride since we started Clean Fleet Report six years ago. Millions of cars consume a fraction of the fuel formerly required thanks to electric cars, plug-in hybrids and hybrids – using drive systems that include electric motors and advanced batteries. Six years ago, it was fleet managers who took the lead with these vehicles that used electric motors and advanced batteries. Fleet managers also lead in the way in shifting from petroleum fuels to renewable energy and sustainable fuels. Now, our primary audience is car drivers that follow this exciting transition.

Now that hybrid and electric vehicles are popular, our 10,000 monthly readers are finding viable content on mainstream websites and publications. We are exploring selling Clean Fleet Report so that it can be part of something bigger and better designed for smart phones and tablets.

If you would like to take over the Clean Fleet Report, please send your interest and ideas to John Addison, Publisher, Clean Fleet Report using the form below. We are open to a purchase or sharing of ad revenue. You probably have a team that includes mobile-friendly website design expertise and car expertise.

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