New Generation of Clean Car Advocates

No one has more at stake in the emerging climate crisis than today’s youth. Scientists have proven that greenhouse gases are accumulating in the stratosphere at record levels. As the earth heats, a billion people cannot get enough food and clean water. This twelve year old boy writes from an area that increasingly suffers from draught, wild fires, and homes lost to a rising ocean.

By Tai Eubank. I think that everyone in the world should cooperate and drive cleaner cars.  Most scientists think that humans have caused global warming and only we can put an end to what we started.  Geographers said that the earth actually does have its warm and cold periods naturally, but ironically the earth is not naturally supposed to be in its warm period right now.  Just as there were many ways to start global warming, there are many things that have to be done to stop global warming.  Clean cars and hybrids are part of the solution.

A bad economy may have helped air pollution because people have been driving less.  Except for the people who have hybrids.  With the best hybrids, like ours, you only need half the fuel.  Still a bad economy doesn’t stop global warming.

Often times, before telling people the ways to prevent global warming, telling them the effects first will get them to do what they can.  Here are some effects: melting ice caps that could flood the earth, air that will be extremely hard to breathe, an extremely hot earth, unpredictable climate changes, C02 and methane trapped in the stratosphere for hundreds of years, and more.

This needs to be prevented, and it can only be prevented with cooperation.  If just one or two countries participate in driving less, and if they are big ones like America and China, then there would be a huge difference.  For the people striving to help stop global warming by driving clean and conserving water, it’s frustrating to them that other countries are polluting at an even faster rate than they are helping.  This is why we should not only persuade our nation, but our world.  It is global warming, not nation warming.

So you want to get started right now?  Prevent energy consumption, which contributes a lot to global warming, by using lights only when necessary.  If you’re driving a hummer (they get 10 mpg), then try to use all the money you saved to get into an electric or hybrid car.  Bike more, and for your own good save gas.

The Eubank family’s story is included in the upcoming book – Save Gas, Save the Planet. Like many, this family transitioned from using two SUVs, to sharing a new Prius and keeping their remaining SUV parked most of the time. Tai’s zero-emission vehicle is a bicycle.

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