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How Far Can You Go on $50 of Gas?

A Look Back at Potential Road Trips During the Past Decade.

It’s a cliche to say gas prices are volatile, but this fine series of maps from our friends at Howmuch.net gives graphic display to what we’re all experienced in the past decade. Our ability to travel has varied greatly as gas and diesel prices have fluctuated from 2005 to 2016. Keep in mind these trips are based on the American fleet average of 24 mpg; for those of you running more efficient hybrids, diesels and plug-in hybrids, the range can be up to double! Use E85 or renewable diesel and your environmental impact can shrink even as the miles increase. While we don’t encourage driving for the sake of driving, these maps show the amazing capability of the modern automobile when paired with the powerful low-carbon fuels available.

Just Think How Much Further You Could Go at 54.5 MPG!

The $50 American Road Trip – Then and Now: 2005-2016 via Howmuch.net

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