In Cooperation with London Car Loans: Tips for Streamlining Your EV Buying Process

Get the Car You Want By Being Prepared

The car buying process isn’t as simple as hitting a button on an app to order a ride-share service pickup, but it is moving in that direction. In fact, there are multiple ways you can streamline the car buying process yourself to make sure you get the advanced automotive technology you want at the best price. This will save you time. It may save you embarrassing rejections in public. And it makes the car buying process much easier. Here are a few tips for streamlining the car-buying process.

Apply for Car Loans on Your Own

Kia Niro EV
Let your must-haves lead you to the car you want

Don’t try to rely on dealer financing to buy a new car. They don’t have to offer you the lowest interest rate, and you won’t know you’re being ripped off if you don’t shop around. Getting a loan and buying a car online is increasingly common. Consider applying for a car loan online so that you can go shopping knowing the amount you’re approved for. This also gives you leverage if the dealer offers financing. You can then choose to whom you’ll be sending the monthly car loan payments. What happens if you get rejected when you apply for the loan online? Then you can try other lenders’ websites. If that fails, you know you need to clean up your credit or find a way to pay cash for a replacement vehicle before you go car shopping.

Determine Your Must-Haves Before You Look at Vehicles

Jeep Renegade
There are many choices out there–get the tools to get your car

Create a list of must-have features and options before you step onto a dealer lot. Should it be a full-electric, plug-in hybrid or just a fuel-efficient conventional car? How many seats does the car need to have? How many miles per gallon or range does it need to get to be something you can afford to drive? How much cargo space do you need at a minimum? What would be a deal-breaker in a car? For example, many people would say that a car previously owned by a smoker is never suitable. Once you have a list of must-have features, you can strike a majority of the cars on the lot off your list. Give that list to the car salesperson, and they won’t waste your time showing you vehicles that don’t line up with your needs. Nor will you be torn when they show you several cars that have a lot of desirable features but lack something you consider essential.

Do Quick Research Before You Commit

A funny trend in modern society is checking the prices of items online while you’re standing in front of it in the physical store. Yet people are reluctant to do this in front of a car salesperson, though the price tag has extra zeroes on it. You can’t afford not to do a quick search on what the vehicle in front of you is actually worth. You don’t want to overpay for a used car. You don’t want to be ripped off on a new car purchase, either.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox
Research can save you money down the line.

Another area to research is the financial side. Are the loan origination fees or car delivery fees they’re charging reasonable? Don’t take the word of the person on the other side of the desk. Look it up online. You’d be well served to learn what dealers typically charge the car buyer in addition to the vehicle’s purchase price so they don’t hit you with a lot of unnecessary fees.

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