But Consider Alternatives

The folks at Howmuch.net have got cool graphics down. Here’s their latest, which shows how far you currently can go on $50 of gas in an average (24 mpg) U.S. car. Of course, we here at Clean Fleet Report know 24 mpg is hardly a good metric for the kind of cars we prefer, so you could easily imagine these maps almost doubling in size thanks to cheap gas and ever-more-efficient vehicles. And there are cars available right now capable of delivering around 50 mpg, which would double the size of your $50 trip. However, we urge you to admire these maps and marvel at the freedom that cheap gas appears to offer. But leave it at that unless you’ve got a purpose in your road trip. Adding all that extra CO2 to the atmosphere doesn’t make sense unless you’re really going somewhere. Just know that if you’ve got somewhere to go, getting there is more economical than ever.

Of course, there’s always the electric option. It may take you a little longer to get there, but $50 of electricity can take you a long way!


There are even more starting cities if you follow the link below.
The $50 American Road Trip via Howmuch.net