PlugWiz – New Tool For Estimating Electric Car Costs

Have you thought about what it would be like to drive an electric car?

With this PlugWiz tool, you can compare the fueling costs and CO2 emissions of different electric car models with your present car. We know that purchasing a new car is a big decision and hopefully this PlugWiz tool will help.

Through various discussions with dealers and interested owners, including attempting to answer many questions ourselves, we realized there is no perfect answer to determine how much it costs to charge an electric car compared to fueling internal combustion or hybrid cars. Finding, figuring out, then calculating this information can be extremely tedious, so we decided to make it easy.

Results are based on your vehicle and your electric utility. From across the USA, we are adding utility rates, electric vehicles, and local incentive programs. We don’t need your name or address. Just your zip code so that we can estimate charging rates and provide tips about possible financial incentives in your state.

This tool is in draft (beta) mode and we are hoping for your early feedback to improve it. If we don’t yet have your utility info, we will soon. We are updating and refining the tool weekly. If you don’t see your utility listed, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll get on it. Have a suggestion on how we can best present this information, want to see something in addition, don’t like something? Please leave a comment below and help us refine this tool so that it brings the most value to you.

Our goal is to help everyone and anyone make an informed decision about owning and driving an electric car.

Thanks for your time and feedback!

The PlugWiz Team

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