Save Gas, Save the Planet

Ride Clean. Ride Together. Ride Less.

Be inspired by the strategies and real-life stories in this new book by John Addison.

Available in paperback and ebook at Amazon and other booksellers.

  • Improve the quality of your life
  • Save thousands each year in vehicle costs
  • Take advantage of flexible work
  • Avoid unnecessary stress when you travel
  • Help the country end its dependency on oil
  • Stop the climate crisis
  • Make the right decision when you buy a car

“Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and next generation fuels are all part of the clean tech revolution. John Addison delivers the fascinating details of today and tomorrow.”
Clint Wilder
Co-Author of The Clean Tech Revolution and Contributing Editor at Clean Edge

Millions are spending less on gasoline, helping our country become energy secure, and reducing emissions. Every day, more people are riding clean, riding less, and riding together.

Explore clean vehicles that are becoming available and affordable including electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen vehicles, turbodiesels, and new cars with great mileage. See how the best employers promote flexible work and commute programs. Learn how families and friends are taking new approaches to sharing gas misers, gaining free time in the process.

Develop new insights in the future of transportation, the auto industry, and into the great fuel race. Know your options for today and tomorrow. The solutions to saving money and saving the planet are now available.

“This is the best book that I have seen describing practical solutions for driving less and buying the right vehicle. John Addison offers accurate insights into the latest electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, biofuels, and flexible work strategies. As someone responsible for the air quality for 7.5 million people, I recommend this book.”
Jack Broadbent
Chief Executive Officer Bay Area Air Quality Management District


1     Smiles per Gallon
2     The Promise of Electric Vehicles
3     Plug-in Drivers get Charged
4     Lighter than Air
5     Riding on Sunlight
6     The Temptation of Biofuels
7     Flexible Work and Flying Less
8     Cool Commutes
9     Yours, Mine and Ours
10    The Car-free Option
11    New Diet for Oil Addicts
12    Energy Security
13    Global Action
14    Living in a Sustainable City
15    What Choices Should You Make?

John Addison publishes the Clean Fleet Report. He is a member of the Western Automotive Journalists and of the Society of Environmental Journalists. His articles have appeared in print and electronic magazines with up to 1,000,000 readers including the CNET, Green Options, Cleantech Blog, and EV World. Mr. Addison is a popular speaker, conducting over 1,000 workshops in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

“Read this book if you care about the future of our children. John Addison details the transportation solutions that will bring clear skies and reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. It is fascinating to read about everything from smiles per gallon to electric vehicles, from people oriented development to high speed rail, and from driving less to enjoying life more.”
Assemblywoman Fiona Ma,
California State Assembly Majority Whip

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About Author: John Addison

Founder of the Clean Fleet Report, author of Save Gas, Save the Planet. John writes about electric cars, renewable energy, and sustainability.