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News: Say Goodbye to the Chevrolet Spark EV

As Chevrolet Adds the Bolt, It Drops the Spark

Since it first went on sale in mid-2013, the Chevrolet Spark EV has always been a bit of a rare car. Now, with the announcement that Chevrolet will end production of the Spark EV in August, it looks like the little subcompact EV is going the way of the Dodo.

Chevrolet Spark EV

Leaving the scene

The Spark EV was revealed in June of 2013 and first went on sale in 2014, exclusively in California and Oregon. In 2015, Chevrolet began sales in Maryland as well, but the Spark EV never really gained any traction. According to Inside EVs, only 7,348 units were sold in the U.S from when it first went on sale to the end of 2016.

Despite its poor sales numbers, on paper the Spark EV is actually a good little car. With an EPA estimated 128 mpge city and 109 mpge highway, an estimated range of 82 miles and 327 lbs-ft of torque, the Spark EV seems like a perfect city run-around. Clean Fleet Report liked it when we tested the 2014 edition.

The Range Change

So why is the Spark EV going out of production? Probably the biggest factor is the new Chevrolet Bolt EV.

As the incoming generation of EVs mostly have ranges which exceed 200 miles, cars like the Spark EV are becoming somewhat old fashioned. Because of this, and dismal sales numbers, Chevrolet decided to pull the plug on the Spark in favor of its new big brother.

Chevrolet Spark EV

It was fun while it lasted

What is important to remember, however, is that the Spark EV proved to the world that Chevrolet could make a legitimate, fully electric vehicle, and paved the way for improved technology.

In a way, the Spark EV is much like Tesla’s first roadster. Both were small, not very practical, but both helped their respective manufactures develop truly innovative technology.

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