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Sponsored Post: GPS Tracking vs. Insurance Black Box

The Path to Fuel Efficiency & Cost Savings

In business, it’s always important to find ways to monitor and save money. It’s not just big businesses that need to monitor every action and movement of vast fleets, it’s important for the small and medium-sized businesses too, i.e., you! When you have lots of vehicles on the road, this can add up to significant savings each day when you can track and monitor vehicles which will, in turn, boost the overall earning ability of the company.

Why would I want to track my vehicles?

You will be able to measure fuel consumption, mileage and cabin temperatures, which can all help your business run more efficiently. If you’ve been considering implementing some form of tracking into your vehicles, then you’ve probably heard of black box insurance and GPS tracking. Today, we are going to discuss the exceeding benefits that GPS trackers have over insurance black box.

GPS Tracking

What is an insurance black box?

Black box car insurance is a style of policy that monitors your driving to calculate your premium. It works by installing a GPS box in your car, which forwards the information to an insurer so they can measure your performance whilst driving.

What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking allows you to plot a position anywhere in the world 24/7! With the use of multi-roaming data SIMs to locate positions over a mobile network now, it means that you can locate your vehicles in a field directly to your office.

Why choose GPS tracking over insurance black box?

  1. Real-time locations at the touch of a button

You can see the location of any vehicle you wish to track at any and all times, as well as review the speed they are going and ensure they are taking the fastest routes to jobs and appointments. You can access this information from multiple devices, including your phone, tablet or laptop, wherever you wish and there is no limit to how many devices can be logged in at one time. On the go information!

  1. A full history to review

You will have a mapping panel that will allow you to view all recorded activities and journeys your fleet has taken. This means you can review any vehicles that have deviated from the route, or simply missed appointments etc. It a great way to keep staff motivated, if they know they’re being monitored. By tracking mileage, you can check what distance has been travelled and what fuel it has cost you in fuel, which is a good way to monitor any savings.

  1. Extra security

One of the most effective and common uses of GPS trackers is for security purpose. Being able to locate your vehicles 24/7 gives you peace of mind in the event of theft. By setting up geofences, you can receive an instant alert if any of your fleet is moved from a location without any prior authorization. Having this extra security will also save you money. Losing a vehicle can cost a lot for a business to replace, but with GPS tracking you can make the difference between finding your vehicle or never seeing it again.

Having the ability to monitor, assess and evaluate any area of your business will always lead to money being saved and enable your business to be more efficient. Regardless of whether you’re a car rental company with a large fleet or a plumber with a fleet of 2-10 vans, the proven fact is that regardless of the size of your fleet, the ability to coordinate and monitor your vehicle will save you money and benefit your company.

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