Electric Car Charging Etiquette

Mixing cars that need to be plugged in with traditional vehicles has created a whole new interaction. Here are some of the rules.

Recent Advances in Eco-friendly Transit

The past decade has been a pretty incredible time for advances in sustainable transportation. All over the globe, scientists and engineers have worked harder than ever to create greener ways to get around. In looking back, three developments stand out in particular.

Battle for 10,000 Electric Car Charge Points in California

California is the leading state for the early adoption of electric cars. California is the first state with 10,000 electric cars. These California EVs are primarily charged in home garages, but their range is extended with 2,000 installed charge points. By 2014, 50,000 electric cars will be on California roads supported by 10,000 charged points.

Solar Powered Electric Car Charging from GE and REC Solar

REC Solar has teamed with GE Energy Industrial Solutions, a leading supplier of power generation and energy delivery technologies, to distribute the GE WattStation™ electric vehicle (EV) charger. The partnership signals the movement toward the inevitable collision of two rapidly growing sustainability movements – solar and electric vehicles – for a cleaner, more secure world.

Electric Car Chargers for Central Parking System with 2,200 Locations

Central Parking System and its subsidiary USA Parking have announced the rollout of electric car charging. Central Parking, with 2,200 locations and over one million parking spaces, clients include some of the nation’s largest owners and operators of mixed-use projects, office buildings, hotels, stadiums and arenas as well as airports, hospitals and municipalities. Car Charging Group will install, own and operate the charge points. The chargers are made by Coulomb Technologies. Central Parking charge points will be part of the ChargePoint® Network.

Electric Vehicle and Smart Grid Networks

Thousands of electric cars are now communicating with owner’s smart phones, charging stations, and service networks. These EVs plug into smart grids that use network communications to charge off-peak, monitor and improve reliability. When I use my Blink EVSE to charge my Nissan Leaf, the charger sends a packet of info to the charging network every 15 minutes using Sprint. The charger is communications-ready supporting CDMA, Wi-Fi, and powerline communications.

Google’s 70 Charge Stations for Employee Electric Cars and GFleet

Google has deployed more than 70 charging stations at its worldwide headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Over 100 employees who own electric cars use the charging stations, as well as the company’s growing car sharing program for Googlers (GFleet), which includes Chevrolet Volts, Nissan LEAFs and Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrids. With plans for 250 more charging stations on its campus, and a goal to make 5 percent of its campus parking EV-ready, Google’s installation is the largest workplace charging installation for electric vehicles in the country.

Oakland Airport Adds 15 Charging Spaces for Electric Cars

I silently guided my Nissan LEAF into space 14 reserved for electric cars at the Oakland International Airport (OAK). Already plugged in to other spaces were Chevrolet Volts, Tesla Roadsters, a converted Prius plug-in hybrid, and a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Supporting the 15 preferred parking spaces were eight Coulomb ChargePoint Dual Level 2/1 Charging Stations.

Electric Car Public Charging Stations – Range Solution or Battle Ground?

By Tom Bartley (5/12/11). electric cars were meant to be charged at home during the off peak night time hours. Depending on a public charging station is going to be a real crap shoot. As the number of plugin cars increase, the EV drivers could grow to hate each other because of competition for a […]

Off-Shore Wind is New Source of U.S. Renewable Energy

The United States now has a new source of clean electricity for homes, buildings, and industrial stationary power and also for the growing use of electricity in rail and electric cars. Wind power is especially available at night when we hope to eventually charge millions of vehicles. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar on April 28 approved the Cape Wind renewable energy project on federal submerged lands in Nantucket Sound. The Cape Wind facility will generate a maximum electric output of 468 megawatts with an average anticipated output of 182 megawatts. At average expected production, Cape Wind could produce enough energy to power more than 200,000 homes in Massachusetts.

Electric Cars Facilitate Smart Grid 2.0

The electric car will help make the smart grid relevant to consumers. Right now most cars use inefficient engines fueled with gasoline or diesel. In the coming decades, many cars will use electricity. With a smart grid, renewable energy will do much of the charging. New electric cars from Nissan, Toyota, GM, Ford and others will use a charging standard J1772. The new charging units at home and work will include a smart meter chip. When a driver plugs-in, charging will follow preferences pre-established by the car owner. Many will prefer to save money and charge at night when rates are cheaper.

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