2012 Subaru Impreza the Best Mileage AWD

2012 Subaru Impreza the Best Mileage AWD

2012 Subaru Impreza AWD

The new 2012 Subaru Impreza delivers the best mileage of any all-wheel drive vehicle sold in the U.S. – 27-mpg city and 36-mpg highway. Even the hybrid AWD from Ford and Lexus cannot touch this fuel economy. You don’t have to be a professional driver with a stick shift to get this mileage, the Impreza gets this mileage with its new CVT automatic transmission.

Remember last winter’s miserable roads and high gas prices. The Impreza addresses both with better mileage in 2012, more rear seat and cargo room, and new options.

Available as either a compact 5-door hatchback or 4-door sedan, the Impreza is designed to give the vehicle better traction by delivering power to all four wheels. The AWD handling is designed to get you to your snow board / ski resort in the winter, off-road hike and bike spots in the summer, and get to school and work when snow and ice intimidates other drivers. Unlike many compacts, the Impreza wheel wells give you adequate room to put on chains when required.

The new Subaru can save you hundreds of dollars annually in fuel costs with no increase in the base price of $17,495 for the sedan with a five-speed stick. A hatchback with automatic starts at $18,995. As with any car there is a delivery fee and appealing options. The price is suggested to the dealers. You get to shop and negotiate. Dealer sales are expected to start this November.

The 5-door hatchback is popular with people on the go, as I witnessed Saturday at a triathlon competition. Imprezas and other Subaru’s were being unloaded in both asphalt and gravel parking lots. Open the hatch, lower the back seat, and you can slide in a bicycle or two, camping gear, boards, equipment, you name it.

The new 2.0L BOXER engine makes this the most fuel-efficient AWD vehicle in the U.S.  With a huge 30% improvement over the 2011 Impreza, this new AWD delivers 148 horsepower. The new CVT transmission relieves the average driver from clutching and shifting. Paddle shifting is there for those who like to make quick shifts uphill, downhill, and when passing.

All Subaru models are AWD and all are Top Safety Picks by the IIHS. From symmetrical all-wheel drive to electronic anti-lock braking system, Subaru makes safety a priority. At 2,950 pounds, the  Impreza is not as heavy as the former AWD mileage champ the Ford Focus Hybrid 4WD and over $10,000 cheaper. Both vehicles score high on safety. The Escape has more weight; the Impreza, a lower center of gravity for control in the slippery curves.

Whether you are a first time car buyer, first time parent, or first time AWD buyer, the Impreza deserves a test drive from active drivers who want to be ready to go anywhere in challenging road conditions.

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