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Top 2016 Technology Helping You Go Green

Technology to go with your clean car

Top 2016 Technology

Today’s top technology can connect you to a greener life

Without groundbreaking technology in green living, it would be difficult for homeowners and business owners to make changes toward a more sustainable way of life. Simplifying, conserving water and energy, and reducing overall waste output goes a long way, but it’s technology that makes the biggest difference in our quest for a more environmentally responsible future.

This year, the US is expected to make leaps and bounds towards a greater reliance on renewable energy sources. While new policies and changes at a corporate level play a huge role in these changes, individuals like you are making a big difference by living a greener life each and every day. If you are jumping on board with green living this year, consider these top technologies in 2016 that can help you go green.

More Affordable Solar Technology

Top 2016 Technology

Make your electric car part of a green tech system

In cities like Los Angeles, the top producer of solar power, we have seen how technological advances are making it easier for individuals in a wide variety of income brackets to invest in solar technology for their homes. One such advance is a newly discovered production method for photovoltaic cells that results in a cell that’s able to produce more energy. And when solar cells produce more energy, you’re able to invest in fewer solar panels, which saves you money on the overall investment that comes with making the switch.

Decreasing Prices of Electric Cars

Most conventional vehicles rely on fossil fuels, which produce harmful emissions that pollute the environment. To make a full switch to green living, you should consider not only your home, but the vehicle you drive. Electric cars, specifically zero-emissions vehicles, are a much greener option since they release zero harmful emissions in operation. In the past, electric vehicles have been out of reach for individuals living on a more modest income, but advances in technology are allowing for more cost-effective production of green vehicles. For instance, the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV will sell for $30,000 (after tax credits) and can be driven as much as 200 miles on one charge.

Using the Cloud to Reduce Waste and Increase Productivity

We spend much of our time in our workplace, and this often results in a lot of wasted products and energy. The cloud, or online storage of software, documents and programs, isn’t necessarily new technology, but it’s more widely used on a large scale now than ever before—especially for businesses. When employers rely on the cloud, they can eliminate costly onsite data storage and reduce their company’s paper waste. In some cases employees can cut their commutes and utilize the secure access of the cloud from home on any Internet-capable device.

Top 2016 technology

A solar connection adds to the zero-emission miles of your EV

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