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News: Prius Parade Sets Guinness Record

332 Prius Gather in Northern California

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It may look like a race, but it’s just a parade

You could be forgiven if you thought you might have already seen this on some of the freeways around San Francisco or Los Angeles, but Toyota officially set a new Guinness World Record when 332 Prius lined up for a parade on Earth Day. The tally marked the most hybrids ever lined up in a row.

It made sense that this record-setting parade took place in northern California, where hundreds of thousands of Prius owners live. According to Toyota, 40 percent of Prius have been sold in California. The high-mileage car has been one of the best-selling cars in the state during the past several years.

“The Bay Area is home to hundreds of thousands of proud Prius owners, and we wanted to pay homage

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Not your accountant’s Prius

to the Prius this Earth Day,” said Pete Carey, vice president and general manager for Toyota Motor Sales. “We wanted to celebrate this revolutionary vehicle and the folks behind the wheel who’ve always been our early-adopters, thinking bigger about their carbon footprint and environmental impact.”

This was Toyota’s way of marking Earth Week, which also featured the company doing an event called Prius Pick Me Up where casual carpool rides were offered to East Bay (CA) commuters heading into San Francisco. For the parade, Toyota was able to draw from the robust population of Prius in the SF Bay Area, where more than 217,000 Prius have been sold since 2001.

Along with the rides, Toyota also offered participants a coupon for $500 off a new 2016 Prius and also offered changes to win a new 2016 Prius or other prizes, including the use of a suite at a Giants game at AT&T Park or tickets to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

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