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Saving Money by Driving an Old Mercedes-Benz Brute

Before you do a double take or refresh this page, let me assure you that you did indeed read that title correctly and, as surprising as it is, the Mercedes brand is a totally viable option for those looking to drive economically without compromising on power.

Performance at a Low Price

Used high-mpg cars

Used Mercedes-Benz GLAs offer a high-mpg option

It’s already well known that diesel engines get a good mileage compared to their gasoline-based counterparts, but even bearing that in mind, it’s surprising how well Mercedes-Benz has managed to walk the tightrope of power and efficiency in its bigger cars—the old ‘brutes,’ as they have been called.

These hefty beasts not only bear the prestige badge and the armour of a Soviet tank—they also offer fuel economy to match the real world MPGs of some of the most economical small cars on the market today. Of course, you can’t talk about brutes without talking about power, and this line can put its money where its mouth is.

The Proof in the Pudding

It’s all well and good to make these claims, but you can judge for yourself from the numbers—the European GLA Class hatchback introduced in 2014 can get

Used high-mpg cars

C-Class could be worth the wait

67.3 MPG (EU) in one trim or produce 332 lb-ft of torque (in GLA 45 AMG trim). The 2013 E-Class sedan (in E200 CDI BlueEfficiency trim) produces an equally impressive 270 lb-ft while still reaching a combined MPG of 70.6 (EU). Even the more compact 2012 C-Class sedan manages just a little more power than but still delivers 64.2 MPG (EU).

This isn’t all the brutes have to offer though; these larger vehicles don’t just burn less fuel per mile travelled, they burn it more cleanly too. For some this is a benefit in and of itself but if your first concern is how much the car costs to run, then this can keep road tax down in locales that charge emissions duties. Some of them fall as low as Band C on the U.K.’s system for an annual car tax of just £30.

Of course, you might wonder how you’ll save money buying a famously expensive luxury brand, but a used Mercedes-Benz can come surprisingly cheap. Unlike the price, the fuel economy, the power and prestige of the brand won’t depreciate, which makes this a great choice for business or personal use.

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