Debut 4 Prii10 Million Hybrid and Electric Cars will be driven by 2020, up from 3 million today. All these vehicles will have electric motors, advanced batteries, and efficient drive systems. Many car models will be available with customer choice of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric. Prices will fall with volume manufacturing and common components. Lifetime operating costs will be less than gasoline cars.



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Bike Lanes SFMore Smiles, Less Miles.  Leading cities are benefiting from a demographic shift to urban density. Success stories are shared about Portland, San Francisco, New York, Copenhagen, and Vancouver sustainable development, reducing congestion, public transportation use, walking, bicycling, zero-emission vehicles, and net-zero buildings. Popular workshop by John Addison at with the American Planning Association.

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Save Gas Book CoverSave Gas, Save the Planet is a breakthrough book that details how millions are spending less on gasoline, helping our country become energy secure, and reducing emissions. Every day, more people are riding clean, riding less, and riding together. This book provides the details about how people are driving less and enjoying life more. No person should buy a new car without reading this book.

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“Save Gas, Save the Planet is the best book that I have seen in describing practical solutions for driving less and buying the right vehicle. John Addison offers accurate insights into the latest electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, biofuels, and flexible work strategies. As someone responsible for the air quality for 7.5 million people, I recommend this book.”

Jack Broadbent, Chief Executive Officer

Bay Area Air Quality Management District


“Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and next generation fuels are all part of the clean tech revolution. John Addison delivers the fascinating details of today and tomorrow.”

Clint Wilder

Co-Author of Clean Tech Nation and The Clean Tech Revolution