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Electric Motorcycles: Your Other EV

5 Electric Motorcycles That Belong Next to Your EV.

That shiny new plug-in electric car is sitting quietly in your garage. You’ve taken the plunge. You’re now among the converted. You even had the foresight to have the electrician install a second 220-volt outlet, but which electric motorcycle will grace that empty parking space? Lucky for you, there’s one to suit nearly any two-wheeled persuasion.    

The Scooter – Vespa Elettrica 4KW

A Classic Reimagined

Produced at the same Pontedera plant in Pisa where the original rolled out in 1946, the Elettrica maintains the timeless steel body lines that have captivated generations. It’s four-kilowatt (kW) motor climbs hills and accelerates at a pace that traditional 50cc engines can only dream of.

5 electric Motorcycles for your EV garage
Vespa Elettrica
Vespa scoots silently now

A lithium ion battery provides up to 60 miles of range with little variation between city and highway efficiency. Full charge can be achieved in four hours at 220V.

The Vespa Multimedia Platform uses a 4.3-inch color TFT screen for vehicle performance statistics and information from your smartphone. Handlebar mounted controls allow simple navigation of features while audio is routed through a dedicated Jet helmet with Bluetooth headphones and microphone.

The Future is Bright

Modern tech comes to Vespa

A hybrid model, the Elettrica X, delivers up to 120 miles of range thanks to a gasoline-powered generator paired with a smaller battery pack. Although Vespa does not plan to import this model anytime soon, the plug-in Elettrica 4kW is available now at your local Vespa dealer, starting at $7,499.

Elettrica 4kW – Base Price: $7,499, Range: 60 miles; Charge Time: 4 hours (220V).

The Streetfighter – Zero S

The Perennial Contender

In 2009, the Zero S defined what an electric motorcycle could be. A decade later the 2019 Zero S continues to set expectations with an industry leading 223-mile range. An array of motor and battery combinations allow riders to choose the range and performance to suit their needs.

5 electric Motorcycles for your EV garage
Zero S
Zero has led the way in electric motorcycles

The onboard charger may be plugged into any household outlet and used together with the optional Quick Charger accessory and/or Charge Tank option to reduce charge time. 

Ride Your Style

5 electric Motorcycles for your EV garage
Zero S
Plugging in is quick & fast

Brushless, air cooled motors transfer power directly to the maintenance-free carbon belt, eliminating the costly weight of the clutch and transmission. Custom performance profiles and firmware updates are available through the Zero Motorcycles App. Fully adjustable Showa suspension can be tuned to compliment any riding style.

Both models come with a two-year standard warranty and a 5-year/unlimited mileage warranty on the power pack.    

Visit your local Zero dealer to take a test ride.

ZF3.6 – Base Price: $10,995; Range: 89 miles; Charge Time: 5.2 hours.

ZF14.4 – Base Price: $13,995; Range: 179 miles; Charge Time: 9.8 hours.

ZF14.4 + Power Tank – Base Price: $16,890; Range: 223 miles; Charge Time: 9.7 hours.

The Offroader – KTM Freeride E-XC

Trade the tarmac for the singletrack

The Freeride E-XC brings 100 percent of KTMs championship winning performance with zero emissions.

5 electric Motorcycles for your EV garage
KTM Freeride E-XC
KTM takes electric off-road

There is no clutch to feather or transmission to shift, which combined with a lower seat height, create an ideal choice for beginners and extreme trail technicians alike. A redesigned composite frame is forgiving and stable while an improved WP Xplor 43 fork inspires a confident front end feel. WP PDS rear suspension help the 18kW motor maintain traction in the most challenging conditions.

Swap and Go

5 electric Motorcycles for your EV garage
KTM Freewirde E-XC
KTM style

Offering up to one and a half hours of riding time with just one battery charge, simply swap out the lithium-ion KTM PowerPack to keep the good times going. Energy recuperation when coasting or braking provide additional range before requiring a quick, 105-minute charge. Unlike its petrol consuming sibling, the Freeride E-XC is fully road legal.

US availability is limited so visit your local KTM dealer for more information.

Base Price: $8299; Range: 47 miles; Charge Time: 105 minutes.

The Racer – Energica Ego 

Win on Sunday…Commute on Monday

Chosen by Dorna as single manufacturer for FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, the Energica Ego is a pure race bike.

5 electric Motorcycles for your EV garage
Energica Ego
The other fast vehicle out of Modena

A 107-kW synchronous oil-cooled motor with permanent magnets achieves a sub-three-second zero-to-sixty time, leaving a traditional 600cc supersport in its mirrors. Precise control is at the pilot’s fingertips with the ride-by-wire system performing the modulation of a traditional clutch and gearbox.

The charging system is CCS compatible meaning you can recharge at standard DC Fast Charge Stations and AC Chargers. Using a DC Fast Charge Station, the bike can reach 80/85% charge in about 20 minutes, guaranteeing 75 miles of range in less than half an hour. The 3-kW on board AC charger takes about three and a half hours.

Safer Riding Through Technology

5 electric Motorcycles for your EV garage
Energica Ego
The Ego has the tech features

Shave a few seconds from your lap times or simply enjoy the commute with greater confidence knowing the Brembo brakes combined with Bosch ABS systems work to mitigate rear wheel lift under heavy braking. No delicate clutch work is needed when parking, simply engage the park assist feature to limit available torque and horsepower during challenging maneuvers.  

Available in the US with an MSRP of $22,565, visit www.energicamotor.com to find your nearest dealer.

Base Price: $22,565; Range: 120 miles; Charge Time: 3.5 hours.

The Cruiser – Harley Davidson LiveWire

Renewable Icon

Harley Davidson’s debut into the electric market offers performance features that will make even the most traditional customer take notice. If the three second zero-to-sixty time and 110-mph top speed aren’t enough to pique one’s interest, how about its 146-mile range from just an hour of charge time?

5 electric Motorcycles for your EV garage
Harley Davidson LiveWire
The LiveWire is coming soon

A liquid cooled, 78-kW motor is mated to a clutchless and gearless drivetrain, allowing simple and instant application of power, even for newer riders. Able to deliver maximum power through the entire range, it can travel from 60-to-80 mph in 1.9 seconds, something unheard of from its internal combustion brethren. 

Safely managing that power, the sophisticated Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) control every aspect of wheel spin. Brembo Monoblock brakes and Showa SFF-BP suspension bring it all back to a stop with precision.

The Future Is Quiet

5 electric Motorcycles for your EV garage
Harley Davidson LiveWire
It remains to be seen who the audience is for a quiet Harley

Harley-Davidson plans to expand its electric portfolio over the next few years with a goal of placing vehicles in all interested dealerships by 2022. Dealers selling the LiveWire model will offer at least one 24-kW DC Fast Charge station at their dealerships. Sweetening the deal even more, owners will receive the per minute equivalent of 500 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging over two years at Electrify America stations nationwide.

Starting at $29,799, deliveries are expected to begin September 2019. See your local Harley-Davidson dealer for more information. 

Base Price: $29,799; Range: 146 miles; Charge Time: 60 minutes (220V).

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