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News: Volkswagen Introduces I.D. Crozz to EV Lineup

At this week’s Frankfurt auto show, automakers will be vying to show that Tesla won’t overtake them by introducing a passel of battery-electric vehicles themselves. Here’s a look from Clean Fleet Report of one of those new electrified cars that you could be driving by the end of this decade.

Frankfurt Debut for Crossover That Joins Hatchback & Minivan Electrics

Volkswagen has made it clear that its future is electric, showing a concept version of a bread-and-butter hatchback and a reincarnation of the iconic microbus. The third installation, possibly the most critical for its future business, debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week—the Volkseagen I.D. Crozz, a fastback crossover.

VW I.D. Crozz

Volkswagen’s EV onslaught in the U.S. will lead with this

The Tiguan-sized model was actually the second iteration of the electric crossover, which will be on the market alongside the hatchback in 2020. Given the hot segment that is compact SUVs, this EV cannot be launched quickly enough.

The concept shown in Frankfurt (an updated version of one shown at the Shanghai Motor Show in April) had Volkswagen’s 4Motion all-wheel drive system. A front-drive electric motor produces 101 horsepower and the rear-wheel motor delivers 201 horsepower.

While the battery pack size has not been disclosed, it is located beneath the floor of the SUV. A 311-mile range is promised with fast-charging capabilities.

Loads of Tech

Not surprising for 2017, the I.D. Crozz showed up with loads of advanced technology. While the LED headlights were probably close to production, the Lidar equipment on the roof may or may not show up in 2020. The Frankfurt model also claimed to respond to voice commands—“waking up,” opening and closing doors, as well as recognizing gestures.

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

The I.D. Crozz interior is ready for autonomous driving

The concept has rear-view cameras instead of mirrors and a retractable steering wheel that anticipates full autonomous driving. A 10.2-inch central screen commands the main console.

In Frankfurt, VW officials said the I.D. Croszz was expeccted to be the first of the new electric VWs to hit U.S. shores.

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